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Bring Your Business To Life - Build Your Online Presence

Building your online presence is critical in this digital motivated world wide web. Without a website in today’s technological driven world, how are your customers finding you? You may ask, what is needed to have a successful relevant internet Presence? Our video will explain from research to internet presence the steps you will need to accomplish to establish a strong internet presence.

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Before You Choose A Hosting Provider

The foundation to a successful Website is a good hosting provider. Most people do not think about hosting.  However, this is an important aspect of your website. A website’s speed, up-time and security are all linked to the hosting service you use. Questions you should ask a hosting provider?
1) Do they monitor their own servers?
2) Does your hosting provider conduct a weekly scan for viruses and malware?
3) Does your hosting provider offer free SSL certificate?
4) Can you purchase a dedicated IP address at a reasonable price?
5) Does your provider offer a daily backup?

The answer to these questions should be “YES”!


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What Is Your Online Footprint

We start with who you say your competitors are, then we research who the internet identifies as your competitors.

1) We research you competitors.
2) We research Google recommended Businesses for your target market area.
3) We identify pages that are queried by Google for your business area.
4) We research best categories for your target area based on Google suggest.
5) Do you have a current internet presence? What is it?


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On-Line Reputation

Your reputation is the full picture of who you are on Social Media, Directories and Review platforms. Who do they say you are?
1) Your reputation marketing is connected to any old directories which may be out of date with the wrong information.
2) You may show up on business directories that you did not clam!

Choose the right domain name, easy for visitors to remember. It should connect to your overall branding. We can help with that!

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What Is Your Identity?

Branding: Most people think of branding as their logo. However, branding is much more. Think of the brands you know, The arch for McDonalds, Target Bullseye or Wal-Mart’s yellow starburst and recently Amazon’s smiling logo. But long before you thought about their logo, you thought about different aspects of the service or product they provide.

Choose the right domain name, easy for visitors to remember. It should connect to your overall branding. We can help with that!

Design begins with current branding:
1) Who are you currently on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (even though you may not have a business page…who are you personally…Rarely can you separate the two.
2) Do you have a logo?
3) Do you have brochures or other company materials?

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The Discovery

Sometimes a client has a design in mind, or they see a layout that captures their interest. We can virtually create anything someone might want. If you can dream it, we can design it! Never point visitors away from website, for example sending them to Social Media. Visitors Learn More about you from your website not SM. SM is on a feed.

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Your On-line Storefront

1) We use the research that we did to develop the pages for the website.
2) Page menu layout is usually layered so that the most important pages are in the Top-menu area and others in a drop down in a Sub-menu.
3) We use colors and images that represent your branding image –
4) Based on research, pages will be created and optimized.
5) Web design usually goes through three phases: First, Design layout and approval, Second draft is review time (Written content, videos and images added (If it is a large website this may be broken down into 4 or 5 pages at a time; then Third, final draft and approval.

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Ready To Publish

Connecting all the dots: Research is completed, and design finalized – We can now Publish it. We publish the website, but work is not done. Your website is the hub of your internet presence and from which everything flows.
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Adding SEO Features

1) Create or add My Business listing to Google account. If there is not one an account, create one.
2) Claim and submit to Google My Business – this is your Google internet presence.
3) Add Profile image and add cover image to Google My Business
4) Complete Business information carefully adding categories based on research and properly add service areas.
5) Google will send you a verification code to add to Google My Business –takes 1 to 2 weeks.
6) While waiting for verification we add website to Google webmaster (Console) verifying the website (different from Google My Business)
7) Create Site Map to help search engines to understand your website.
8) We add SEO features with an xml site map.

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Better Local SEO

1) Completing both the My business, Google Maps and webmaster verification can give a stronger internet ranking.
2) It is recommended that each page be optimized based on the page target area.
3) Submit your websites to Local search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Apple Maps

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Reputation Development - Better Ranking

Must request this product

1) Claim your directories.
2) Cleanup your directories (WE do not clean up directories. But can train how to do it or recommend a service to do it.)
3) Delete Directories (WE do not clean up directories. But can train how to do it or recommend a service to do it.)

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Getting Reviews

After Google, My Business has verified your business and code added, it is important to get reviews. These reviews add to relevance and creditability with Google and they will return your business in the recommended area of your category / business target area. Personally, requested reviews are best but there are review services that can help. We can make a recommendation if needed.

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