Facebook Live Updates

Let’s Talk Social Tuesday Tip:

Facebook Live is still one of the BEST ways to get organic reach on your business page. The good news is Facebook is making Facebook Live easier to use. YAY!

1. You can now cross post your live videos to other pages and view comments and respond to comments from all pages that the Live video is posted to.
2. With cross posting, you can view analytics on each page as well as video retention analytics. See how long people are watching your videos and when they stop watching. This helps you improve your content to continue to captivate your audience throughout your live video.
3. You can create live streams through www.facebook.com/live/create to pages or groups.
4. In the future–Facebook is going to allow rewind of live video. This is AWESOME! They are working on this change now. You will no longer have to wait until the live video is over to rewind, but you will be able to rewind as the live video is playing!

Just a few updates! Call us, DM us, or visit our website at www.idesignbusinesslink.com if you have any questions or need help understanding or managing your social media for your business. We would LOVE to help! 😉🙌#socialmediamarketing #idesignbusinesslink#webdesign #facebooklive #intheknow #constantchanges #heretohelp

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