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Let’s Talk was developed to keep our visitors update on the latest trends on the internet. In addition we will highlight some of our great customers. We hope you find them helpful. 

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WHAT IS THE SECOND MOST LOGGED-IN SOCIAL MEDIA SITE? Do you know which Social Media platform is the second most logged-in Social Media platform/site? If you said Instagram, you would be correct.  This Facebook-owned platform has shown great results since Facebook’s purchased of them. If you are new to Instagram, you may be wondering where

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Let’s Talk Social: More Engagement With Facebook Live

Happy “Let’s Talk Social” Tuesday! Today’s topic: Facebook LIVE! How to get more engagement with your Facebook live videos. Why Facebook Live? It has 10 times more reach than any other Facebook content. Facebook live videos have 6 times more interactions than recorded video.

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Interview with Ben and Toni Holt from Holt Farm Millington

Interviewed our clients Ben and Toni Holt about Holt Farm Millington! We love all the new things they are doing with their farm. They will be teaching classes soon. It was a joy and a pleasure to serve this sweet, amazing couple. Thank you for letting us create your website and get you on social

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