Why should your business integrate videos and Still Photography in your business marketing plan?

Professional Still Photography, Visual Tour Videos, and Branding Videos increase the chance for customers to remember you. I Design Business Link creates professional videos and Still Photography that meets your business brand needs for your Internet Marketing.

Increased Customer Conversions

The number one reason, Videos and Still Photography convert more customers. Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Need we say more? Contact I Design Business Link to schedule your Still Photography, Visual Tour Videos, and/or Branding Videos for your business.

Stronger Emotional Connections

Video and Still Photography is the most powerful way to evoke emotions online. They’re King! They offer a slew of attributes above and beyond traditional content. Arousing emotions in marketing has proven to positively impact consumer decision-making. This includes Business to Business Markets.

Videos and Still Photography’s ROI (Return On Investment) will exceed your investment. Given its fair share of usage in your marketing plan. Before you get started on recording your first video, make sure you have a video marketing strategy plan in place! Contact I Design Business Link to schedule a meeting of minds. We partner with you to construct your business’ internet marketing plan and the strategy to accomplish your plan.

Kenny Cook Custom Homes

Kenny Cook Custom Homes Still-shots

Kenny Cook Custom Homes - Home Entrance

Branding Videos

Tour Videos

Project Stages Video – During and After Tour

Upcoming Events, Classes, Training, Ect

Live/Recorded  Interview Video Upcoming Real Estate Agent Training

Photography - Wallace Cordage

Retail Store Video Walkthrough