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Website Design Millington, TN - Completed Projects

Website Design Millington, TN – Completed Projects

Millington TN

Aaron Painting and Construction - TN

Aaron Painting & Repairs

Aaron Painting and Construction opened in July 1984. We provide exterior painting. We paint all home exterior surfaces. We also specialize in drywall, roofs and siding repairs as well as replace roof shingles and siding when needed. What makes us different? The number one thing that set us apart from others is our carpentry skills. We can carve wood pieces to replace wood window frames or carve pieces for those damaged beautiful wood columns that are costly to replace. Our carpentry skills allow us to repair those hard to find wood pieces for the home.

Bigcreek Apts Millington - Millington-TN

Big Creek Apartments

Big Creek Apartments has apartments for rent in Millington TN. We are uniquely located NEXT TO THE FIVE STAR RATED, MIRIMICHI GOLF COURSE; a blend of Country Living and City Convenience. We are located 20-minutes from downtown Memphis; providing all of the entertainment options of a Metropolitan City, and the relaxed atmosphere of the country. In addition, we are 6-miles from the Millington Naval Air Station and one mile from Woodstock Middle Schools.

Midsouth LCCT

BJJ Technique Classes

Midsouth LCCT is a gym that teaches Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for both Children and adults of all ages. To better train their students, there is a Course Training Website that allows their gym members to have a extended training experience.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a complete training system that includes, strikes, kicks, self-defense, throws, takedown defenses, and grappling techniques.  Although most recognized for its ground techniques, the art is not complete without studying all aspects of the art.  Many consider Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be one of the best self-defense arts available for a number of reasons.